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dude 5 years ago
One of the best on the internet. Why? Because it felt real and there seemed to be real passion between them.
Alb 5 years ago
Brilliant. Best porn video I've seen in like 2-3 years. No exaggeration.. it was so real and filled with passion.. Felt really good. Thanks for this video
YESS 5 years ago
NOW THIS is how a sex video should be.. some passion and realistic fuck.... none of this throat gagging , abuse bullshit ....
Yeah 5 years ago
This video makes you leave a comment on a porn site!
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akin 6 years ago
this milf!! is super amazing and realistic!! rank her as the best ever!!
Theneighborslawn 5 years ago
OMG by far the best scene I've seen in a long time
Melissa 6 years ago
This guy has a beautiful uncut cock I would love to feel him in me
Rob Zombie 6 years ago
I feel that this chick gets deprived from sex for months at a time, so every time she fucks, its like a super-charged heaven.
MaGamaga 6 years ago
I want to cum in her pussy/mouth
401K 3 years ago
She always seems to be on the verge of exploding.